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No matter what their reasons, many of us watch what we eat. None of us just eat because we think we should or because someone else told us to. None of us habitually decide to eat a few fewer cookies, or walk an extra mile, or run that extra mile. We eat when we are hungry because that’s what our bodies were made for. When we are feeling full, when our body is telling us to stop eating because our stomach is growling and our minds are telling us to stop now, more than likely the food we ate last night was not exactly what our bodies were made for. So we eat more and more food and put even more on between regular meals. Given these circumstances what is the miserably obvious result? Is what we eat making us fat or helping to keep us fit? Probably not. For most of us, it is a little or a lot less than we eat.

The simplest way to answer this question is to make a few observations of ANY overweight or obese people you see. You will notice that many of these people eat very little and plenty of junk food. Or, they seem to eat very little but lots of food made of processed wheat and carbohydrates. Or, they eat a little bit of fruit and a few fatty foods but hardly at all. The conclusion? These people are obviously both under and overweight. The obvious reason? Only a few of the fat people can eat plentiful amounts of diet food and the others seem to consume EVERYTHING they put in their mouth. The overweight folks don’t put on weight but they are actually quite likely to put on pounds instead of losing some.

The overweight person may also eat in grossly insufficient quantities compared to his normal requirements. If you were to begin eating the normal way again, especially if you stopped eating because you were full, you would almost certainly begin putting on weight.

The short answer? The solution is all about getting a feeling of being glutinous or chunky, of not being hungry all the time, of eating a proper diet in proper proportions and of starting some form of exercise. Unfortunately and despite what all the advertisers tell us, there is no magic pill or cure that can put us back on track. That being said, there are some herbs that might help, especially those that make an important ingredient in the African Mango Plus formula.

No one is saying you can lose weight sitting on an exercise pad all day; exercise is a component of the fat loss formula. Really – a formula is the best term since the word “formula” itself means that something you need a formula to. Having said that though, if you can exercise a bit and combine a proper food program that is also rich in nutrition, then you should begin to see yourself losing weight. Start with small goals and build up your strength and endurance. Increase the amount of walking you do or cut down on that daily latte with milk. The additional exercise, as well as the diet, will help you lose weight three times faster.

The 2nd day of January has come and gone, and with it have come the dozens of “new year resolutions”. Of course, as each new year comes and goes, there’s always someone who has accomplished the new year’s “heart goal” of running around the block each day with only office party-goers to remember. I think I have a lot of those individuals on my radar, instead of “new years resolutions”. Well, I have an even better list of new year resolutions I’d like to pass along to you.

My very favorite resolution to make for myself this year is to start doing some physical activities regularly (walking, jogging, running, furthering my studies, etc.). Oh, and my term “exercise” doesn’t bother me so much as long as I get a workout. Coming from a sedentary lifestyle myself, I would like to see someone take up the challenge and take me left tackle when it comes to getting physically active and experiencing good health. For the most part, I’d like to run around the block each morning fairly early in the morning and on the way home for dinner, have a solid meal. I’d also like to do some serious research on the health benefits and muscle building techniques so as to gain muscle and maintain a healthy weight.

Some more specific and “what I dislike” list resolutions for the year include:1. Losing 5 pounds every time I get engaged in an activity that is not completely dependent on a congo or exercise contraption. I, for one, will not tolerate trying to out-exercise nature. I’ve heard that some research studies show that your calorie burn goes down dramatically when you are just trying to keep up with your friend who is sprinting instead of walking. Somehow, I don’t think people know what they’re research is saying.2. Eating smaller portions of food. This is easier said than done! I actually tried it for a while as a child and had no success. Creating the illusion that you are full by eating less food! Probably easier said than done, and I completely understand. It’s made more difficult through all of the hype of this and that miracle diet that people seem to become extremely clinically challenged trying to decipher which small cutting diet to follow. 3. Running a marathon. 4. Taking some lessons from AUT and other competitive sports, and becoming Better deals.

There are a number of ways in which these above goals can be achieved through a specific course of action. Perhaps easier for some than others, but nevertheless, I look forward to seeing where we all will start playing a more active role in keeping this nation and communities healthier in the years to come.

For optimal muscle development, keep your legs and back as straight as possible, and reach up and down and sides in opposite directions repeatedly. which helps keep the painful joints at bay.

Pelvic tilt: with feet slightly more than hip-width apart, slowly contract your abdomen and buttocks to tilt your pelvis and lift your buttocks off the floor. Hold for 10 seconds, work up to 30 seconds. tense the abdominals and buttocks the whole time you maintain this pelvic tilt.

Parasite: lying on your side on the floor, with your hands at the side, and your feet about hip length, lift your left leg and cross it over the right. rotate the left foot upward about three-fourths and then place it back to the floor. Switch sides. repeat for the right side.

Good Morning: with knees bent at about 90 degrees, reach back with both hands and squeeze your buttocks as you lift up and twist your torso to the right side. return to the center. repeat the right side. To get more out of your mornings, check out for info on it.

Power-Tap: sit on the floor and rest your feet on your hands, legs straight and together, bend your knees and contract your abdomen as you raise your hips and upper body at the same time. return to start.

Straight Legs Stretch: lie on your back and raise your arms and shoulders off the floor, reaching toward the sky. retention of the tension in your heart. pulled in your stomach muscles. hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute.

Side-to-Side Twist: lie on your side, with your hands at the sides, and lift your leg slightly above the ground. contract and squeeze your buttocks at the same time. return to start.

Flutter Kicks: lie on your back, knees bent, pray and pull your legs off the floor. contract your abs and squeeze your buttocks at the same time. return to start.

After exercising, squeeze your heart, and thank God for His strength. Drink a glass of water and don’t leave your room for thirty minutes. remember to breathe deeply and remember to include at least 10 – 20 minutes of walking to your daily routine to increase your circulation. In everything that you do, think about how you are stretching these vital muscles. keep your mind fresh and your body naturally trim.…

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